Victim Notificatons

The Department of Corrections provides notification for: 

-Community Labor Crew Placement
-Work Program Placement
-Institutional Transfers
-Parole Hearings For Victims of Inmates Sentenced Under the Youthful Offender Act
-Sexually Violent Predator Act Review
-Early Release To Supervised Furlough II Program
-Completion of Prison Sentence
-Court-Ordered Releases
-Escape and Recapture
-Death of Inmate

South Carolina has a constitutional amendment pertaining to the rights of crime victims.

The South Carolina Code of Laws requires the department to provide a notice of release– a temporary, provisional or final release from custody–and to provide a notice of escape. Additionally, for registered victims who have provided a home telephone number to the department, the South Carolina Automated Victim Notification System is used to provide notifications of transfers between facilities.

The notification program is designed to offer information to the registered victim and, where appropriate, to allow for the victim’s inclusion in the decision-making process. 

The automated notification system calls registered victims following an offender’s transfer from one facility to another. Notices of release from custody …