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After you perform Greenville County Detention Inmate Search, Greenville County South Carolina Inmate Search, and view SCDC mugshots, you may locate inmates by name in order to locate a person who may be currently incarcerated at SCDC, and Send South Carolina inmate packages. Greenville County Detention Center address is: 20 McGee St., Greenville, SC 29601. The Greenville County Detention Center Search is a part of the Greenville County DPS. The Detention Division provides safe confinement for both adults and juveniles who have been ordered to be detained by the Courts. Greenville County Detention Center staff are committed to and will rehearse empathetic, safe, lawfully agreeable, secure, and sterile detainment and imprisonment. Prisoners and detainees will be appropriately ordered, managed, and altruistically treated. Clinical and Mental Health administrations will be capable and lawfully consistent. Confinement tasks will be empathetic and financially savvy. Detainment staff will be proficient and resident inviting. The executives and staff needs will incorporate sensible vocation advancement, support in dynamic, nonstop improvement, vital arranging, representative advancement, preparing and wellbeing.

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