Crime Numbers in South Carolina

After you view scdc mugshots and perform scdc lookup or search, you may locate incarcerated inmate by name and inquire about scdc visitation form. Crime Numbers in South Carolina are offered as a public service.

Recently discharged wrongdoing numbers shows slants inside the state concerning homicide, savage wrongdoing and assault.


All detail and data beneath originate from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.


South Carolina’s rough wrongdoing rate diminished 6.3 percent from 2011 to 2012. Since 1975 the savage wrongdoing rate has expanded 9.5 percent.

Rough wrongdoing comprises of homicide, assault, burglary and irritated attack, and includes the component of individual encounter between the victimized person and guilty party. The aggregates beneath utilize the authentic meaning of assault.

Aiken 34.9
Allendale 38.0
Bamberg 67.9
Barnwell 95.9
Edgefield 20.1
McCormick 34.2
Orangeburg 43.2
Saluda 45.2


South Carolina’s homicide rate expanded 4.3 percent from 2011 to 2012. The state homicide rate has diminished 51.7 percent since 1975.

Homicide is the headstrong executing of one individual by an alternate. The order of this offense is focused around police examination rather than the determination of a court, restorative analyst, coroner, jury or other legal body. Passings created by carelessness, suicide, mishap or legitimate manslaughters are excluded.


Aiken 0.80 (13 murdered)
Allendale 0.00 (0 murdered)
Bamberg 0.00 (0 murdered)
Barnwell 2.25 (5 murdered)
Edgefield 0.76 (2 murdered)
McCormick 0.00 (0 murdered)
Orangeburg 1.64 (15 murdered)
Saluda 0.00 (0 murdered)



South Carolina had 2,406 rapes reported in 2012 utilizing the updated definition, speaking to an increment of 697 offenses over the aggregate utilizing the verifiable definition amid the same time period. The 2012 assault rate focused around the overhauled definition was 5.09 assaults for every 10,000.

The updated (current) meaning of assault is entrance, regardless of how slight, of the vagina or rear-end with anyone part or article, or oral infiltration by a sex organ of someone else, without the assent of the exploited person. This incorporates casualties of coercive homosexuality, rape with an article and male exploited people.

Aiken 4.7
Allendale 4.7
Bamberg 1.9
Barnwell 2.7
Edgefield 3.0
McCormick 2.0
Orangeburg 5.2
Saluda 4.0